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May is National Military Appreciation Month designated by Congress. In order to show our appreciation,

Operation Give would like to provide you with an opportunity to show your appreciation through “OPERATION TROOP SUPPORT

We would like to provide you a way to reach out and build a bridge to all those on active duty in all branches of the services, to the National Guard/Reserves, to retirees, to veterans, and to their families—a total
of well over 90 million Americans and more than 230 years of military history— More importantly to build a bridge and provide you a conduit to show your support for our Troops that are away from home serving this great nation abroad.

Operation Troop Support, is one program that provides opportunities for all of us to participate in the bridge building process.

• We send care packages year around to troops deployed throughout
the world in order to express the thanks of caring citizens. These care packages are full of wonderful much needed items, donated by every day citizens throughout the United States. During the Christmas Season these care packages take on the shape of Christmas Stockings full of all kinds of personal hygiene items, books, CD’s and other Christmas goodies.

• We provide special items for military families holding down the fort at home, who have special needs. At times these can be special items needed on a case by case basis, or items that perhaps all children would enjoy any time.

• We send boxes of humanitarian supplies directly to service men and women so they may also be involved
in the giving process; as they build bridges to the people in the countries they are serving. These are in the shape of school supplies, dental hygiene kits, new born baby kits, soccer balls and soccer gear, shoes, blankets/quilts, tools, etc.

• We provide care packages to brighten up the lives of our aging veterans in nursing homes.


• CD’s/DVD’s

• Video Games, Chess, Checkers, Dominos, Yo-yos, Playing Cards

• Hand sanitizers, Deodorant, Shoe deodorizers, Foot powder for Athlete’s foot, shoe inserts

• Wet wipes, Body & Face Lotions, Body & Face soaps, Eye Drops, feminine hygiene products

• Shampoo / Conditioner, body wash,

• Bug spray, Shaving Cream, Disposable razors, Sunscreen, Lip balm

• Small flashlights, Small multi-tools, Clip on Lights, fingernail clippers

• AT&T Calling cards, tiny personal fans, Pen/Mechanical pencils

• SD Cards/Thumb Drives, iTune Cards, gift certificates

• Toothbrush & paste, Dental floss, Individual pkg. of tissue, disinfectant wipes

• Protein Powder mixes

• Reading Books, paperback books, American flags,

• GPS watch, compass

• Nerf footballs, Frisbees, soccer balls,

• Healthy Snacks, vitamins, cold medicine

• Non-perishable-food items—Cookies, Candies, Gum, Granola bars, beef jerky, crackers, Cheesewhiz, peanut butter, powdered drinks, Gatorade powder, etc. 



As Mentioned Above, this is Good News!

You can now ship donated items to Operation Give again at no cost to you. 

Our FedEx Budget is Now Open for Use and for a short window of opportunity, items you wish to donate can be shipped via FedEx for FREE between now and end of May.

As you start your project contact elaine@operationgive.org to confirm your FREE FedEx shipping and get instructions.  Call Elaine 435-512-4956

We are in dire need of a variety of items to support Operation Troop Support, Operation Dental Hygiene and Operation Play Soccer. 


We continue to ship items to deployed soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea. And of course to their families in need back home here in the states.

We also continue to ship dental hygiene kits to various family service groups and other community organizations in need both here and abroad. 



Collect  4 Toothbrushes, toothpaste, Dental Floss and Mouthwash and put in small bag or gallon zippered plastic bag.




 As part of our Soccer Diplomacy we continue to ship soccer balls and soccer equipment to youth groups in ourcommunity and to soldiers abroad who interact with children in other countries. 

Help our Troops with Soccer Diplomacy!

What do children in the US and children in Countries at War? A great love for soccer! Children in Iraq and Afghanistan love soccer so much, they’ll play the game with any kind of ball they can get their hands on, including rocks. In the USA our children are fortunate to have the all the resources and soccer supplies they need and more. And I am sure all of you have extras that are slightly used or ones that are now too small. We would like to give everyone an opportunity to donate their new or slightly used equipment, in order to help put cleats on the feet and so


What to Do? Share the Equipment! Are your closets filled with used cleats, uniforms, and balls? Instead of throwing them away, donate them to Operation Give to send to the Troops.

Contact Soccer Teams and leagues about having their players bring good uniforms and soccer equipment to send to Operation Give or drop off at our warehouse.

Help the children have Cleats, Uniforms and Soccer Balls, so that the Troops can help set up Teams of Soccer Players in the countries they are serving in. Please deflate soccer balls and include a small hand pump whenever possible.


Act now and don’t miss this opportunity to ship for free. 



Operation Christmas Stocking

Ha'apai Cyclone Relief

Please join us in sending relief to those who have suffered in the Ha'apai Cyclone.  Below is a short video with more information.



Plase use the PayPal Donate Button to Help Us Send Aid

In November, Operation Give is heading to Tonga to deliver shipping containers full of supplies to those who are still suffering from the effects of the cyclone that hit tonga in January of this year.  There are still thousands of Tongans without power or a home.  The Tongan community has band together to donate supplies, food, and clotning to the Tongan people who desperatly need their support. Please donate to this project as soon as possible.  We need help paying for the dilvery of these supplies. 


Buy a Rechargable Battery Charger for Your Electronics

And help support a good cause.  Any money earned from the sale of these really cool devises will got towards humanitarian aid efforts by Operatoin Give.



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Purchase Paul Holton's latest book Collateral Kindness Today.

Buy Collateral Kindness Now



 Hi,  Watch for information about Fox news with
Gretchan Carlson to interview Paul Holton and discuss Iraq?

Click Here to Hear Paul Holton's UPR Interview

Recent Events Have Caused Widespread
Humanitarian Crisis for Iraqi Children
Springvile, UT--06/17/2014--The recent attacks by the ISIS forces have caused widespread havoc for a lot of children in Iraq. Chief Warrant Officer Paul Holton is concerned about the stability of the Iraqi government and the welfare of the children he has worked with through his charity Operation Give. 

The liberation of Iraq and freedom for the Iraqi people came at great cost to the United States and to the men and women in the military who served there, but there is so much more to the story than the news media would have you believe.


Did you know that the average Iraqi greatly appreciates the sacrifices the U.S. made and all of the good that was done to help make Iraq safer and to give the people there a fresh start and a hope for a brighter future? Did you know that the majority of Iraqis are wonderful, loving, hospitable people who desire many of the same things we do?


Collateral Kindness is the untold story of Paul Holton, chief warrant officer and army interrogator, and his interactions with the Iraqi people-their warmth and kindness, their appreciation, and their deep love and respect for the U.S. soldier, now seen in ways that the average American never knew about. Collateral Kindness provides a glimpse of one soldier's successful efforts to win the Iraqis' hearts and minds.


"There is a personal, humanistic side to the war not depicted in any other stories coming out of Iraq. We, the U.S. military, were so successful in breaking through language and cultural barriers with the Iraqi people and accomplished so much good that has never been reported."


True stories of the Iraqi war are now accounted for in "Collateral Kindness: The True Story of an Army Interrogator in Iraq." This is the other, more positive and more human side of the story never told about what the army was really doing there.



About Collateral Kindness:
Collateral Kindness is the gripping, heartwarming story of US Army interrogator Paul Holton's soul-searching personal battles during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Every day, Paul faced down his enemies, but when he had to face a suffering Iraqi child behind a barbed-wire fence, his life changed. This fascinating account from the front lines illustrates the simple truth that kindness can heal even the deepest wound. 

About Paul Holton:

Paul Holton, better known as "Chief Wiggles," is the founder of Operation Give, a humanitarian organization that ships, school supplies, toys, medical supplies, shoes, clothing, and sports equipment to children in war-torn and devastated nations through the world, especially where the US military is serving. Many became acquainted with Chief Wiggles through his detailed and inspiring wartime "blog" on the internet written during his deployments to the Middle East. As a CW5 Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army for the past 41 years, he has served as an interrogator and Korean linguist. He has been to Iraq three times and to South Korea more than 50 times, functioning as an interrogation team chief, interpreter, de-briefer, and most recently as the 8th Army Commander's Key leader engagement officer in South Korea, where he is currently serving. Holton was sent to the Middle East in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, where he screened and interrogated hundreds of Iraqis. Saving Babylon recounts his experiences in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, from the start of the war in 2003, through the capture of Saddam Hussein, and then through the release of most prisoners and well into the rebuilding phase of the conflict. Paul has worked for FedEx for the past 21 years, and is currently a Worldwide Account Manager. He has also taught Supply Chain management, Internet Marketing, and Operation Management at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, as an adjunct professor. He is the father of four children and resides in Salt Lake City with his wife Keeyeon.

For media interviews and review copies contact:
Rozelle Hansen
Nonfiction Publicist
(801) 489 4084
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Operation Give

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Winning Hearts and Minds Through Giving.

The mission of Operation Give is to give hope to the deprived and disconnected people of the world; most often where the U.S. military is serving. We provide the much needed material humanitarian supplies and resources to the U.S. Military men and women so they in turn can distribute these items to the people they come in contact with. Operation Give gives hope to people in war-torn countries and to people suffering from natural disasters. We build bridges through giving; spanning cultural differences and language barriers; speaking the international language of love through giving.

Serving our Military Families:

Operation Give’s mission is also to serve our men and women in the military and their military families. Through giving, we express the appreciation of a grateful nation and let them know their service has not been forgotten. We help provide for their families while deployed and give them and others the opportunities to participate in the giving process; as they take catch the giving spirit and become involved in the different giving programs.

Giving helps to save lives through Collateral Kindness. 

Our Mission in Action:

Looking back over the past 11 years, since the inception of Operation Give, I have yet to receive one request from anyone serving in the military asking for supplies for themselves. Not one soldier, airman, seaman or marine has ever asked us to send items to them for personal use. Instead, it has always been requests for items they need to give out to others; for the people in the areas they are serving in, for kids in a school, for children in an orphanage and on and on.

No matter where the US military is serving in the world or in whatever capacity, our US military men and women, as they in the course of their duty, see someone in need and have a desire to help. It appears to be the basic nature of those serving in the military to want to help the people in the war-torn countries they go to, or the people suffering from some type of natural disaster, or to help children suffering from a variety of different tragedies. There is always collateral kindness, no matter where we go in the world.

The problem is that these men and women serving in the military do not have supplies or access to supplies of humanitarian-aide, nor does the military itself have the ability to provide the much needed humanitarian supplies. The soldiers, airmen seamen and marines are even forbidden by regulation from soliciting any type of aide or support in this area. (And I know this reg through personal experiences, read my book “Collateral Kindness”)  To read More about Mission Statement CLICK!

Purchase Collateral Kindness at www.collateralkindness.com


Celebrating Military Appreciation Month:

Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month in 1999 to ensure the nation was given the opportunity to publically demonstrate their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members - past and present. As you contemplate the importance of our military in the history of our nation and think of ways you might show your appreciation to our service members, please think of Operation Give.

With our various projects and operations (you can see on our website), we have continued to ship items our service members have requested; ultimately destined for the people they desire to help. Operation Give will continue to supply humanitarian supplies to our service members, as long as the desire to help another continues. Everything we collect gets shipped out to wherever it is needed most.

As service members go about their business of killing bad guys, liberating and freeing those in bondage, and winning the hearts and minds of the people, our soldiers, airmen, seamen and marines will be the cause of much collateral kindness. And we at Operation Give will continue to be focused on supplying humanitarian-aid to soldiers and their families and providing all of them an opportunity to catch the spirit of giving.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation to our service members, any way you can.

Chief Wiggles

“Doing it the wiggles way”

99% of the money we collect goes to buying additional much needed items or to pay for the shipping of goods overseas.100% of the items we collect go to people who need them. Everyone at Operation Give is a volunteer.

Contribute Money And get a gift back
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SHOP Shop at the donation store. Buy great items and we'll use all that money to help others.
99% of the money we collect goes to buying additional much needed items or to pay for the shipping of goods overseas. 100% of the items we collect go to people who need them. Everyone at Operation Give is a volunteer.

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