Christmas 2013

Thank you letters from Troops!

Emails specifically that touched my heart, really exemplifies what this is all about as she stated,

To Operation Give:

My name is PFC Mosley and I am currently stationed in Yongsan Korea for a 1 year tour (expecting to return home in April 2014).I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciated the stocking gifts that were delivered to our soldier barracks a few days prior to Christmas, due  to your organization.

Many of us are away from home so Christmas wasn't quite the same, but it really brought a smile to my face and definitely lifted my spirits.

I am nothing less than thankful and I wish you a (late) Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, with many more to come.
Remember we can't do what we do without the support of our family, friends, and country.

Thank you so much and God Bless.

Yongsan, Republic of Korea
PFC K'eara Mosley


To Operation Give:

I would just like to thank you all for the amazing stocking that my husband received from you all in S. Korea.  It was so thoughtful of you all to think of the soldiers overseas away from their families at the holidays.  We really do appreciate the support and the gesture.  Just wanted you all to know how much the soldiers appreciated being thought of this time of year.  Thanks again...Lynne Blake


“Dear Paul, 

It's my pleasure to donate to such a worthy cause.  My donation is on behalf of my niece Elizabeth, a sophomore in high school.  She asked for the family to donate to good causes (yours was one she chose) instead of buying her presents this year.  She has a great heart.   

Merry Christmas! 


Christmas 2012

Thank you emails received from one of Operation Give's Eagle Scout Projects sending Christmas Stockings to the Troops!

Dear Brayden,

My name is Joshua, and I am in the US Army. I just wanted to take a little time to thank you for the gifts you sent to us here in Korea and to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The stocking and gifts inside were very much appreciated, and needed! I hope that for this holiday you get everything that you wish for, and that you have a wonderful New Year.

As for myself, I am stationed in South Korea. I have two little boys who are with their Mommy back in the United States. My oldest is named Jaiden, and he is 4, and my youngest is named Jackson, and he just turned 1 on Halloween. I miss them very much, especially now during the Holidays.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful and joyous holiday!

SPC Joshua




Dear Brayden Diamond,

 I write to you as I sit here on a 24 Hour shift in Seoul, South Korea…. ‘Santa’ walked in my building tonight and asked me if Joy had been brought to my life recently. Feeling a little down from the long work hours, I replied and said, “ummm no, not so much.” He told me to hold that frown and he would be right back. He came back and handed me a beautiful green, very full stocking, and said “Merry Christmas.” I debated opening it, but about five minutes ago, I got very hungry and I decided to see if it contained any treats. Boy was I excited!!!

 I read your note and I just wanted to write to you and tell you how grateful I am to know that I am fighting for YOUR country. This one act of kindness organized and planned by a young boy, changed a lot of the perspective I was carrying on the world. Your ONE act of selfless service has made me gain back a lot of the hope I was losing in the population with all the anti military propaganda going around. I said to myself… “I’m not doing this for the United States; I am doing this for Brayden and all his golden hearted neighbors and friends, the people who appreciate us.”

 I am fortunate for the fact that my Husband is also a Soldier here in Korea. We have been married almost two years now and he just arrived a couple months ago. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for bringing us back together (we had been separated from deployment for a little over a year), and remember how hard it was to not have family around during the Holidays. I think of all my Soldiers, the ones here in Korea who left their children and their spouses back home and I know how lonely that feeling is. Maybe I took for granted that I had my family here and I didn’t stop to think about the lonely Soldiers before reading your note.

 You have given me that urge, you have given me that push, to open my home to all those Soldiers away from their loved ones this year. If a young man from Orem, Utah can impact thousands of Soldiers lives, then I don’t see why I can’t impact ten, maybe twenty.

 Thank you so much for your act of kindness this Holiday Season! You will receive many blessing to honor this heart filled gesture. Please thank all those who donated and helped you prepare these stockings. May God bless you and your family for the rest of eternity!

 P.S. Your stocking will by hung by my Chimney with care this year =)

Could I get you and your friends any little gifts from Korea? I would love to celebrate the culture with all those willing!

 With Love,

Corporal Jerrica Proferes

US ARMY Military Police Officer


Dear Brayden Diamond,

 My name is Staff Sergeant Marsha J. Vega, I am in Yongsan Korea which is in the Capital City of Seoul Korea. I am very lonely for my family and alone for Christmas here in Korea, I really appreciate your stocking.

I am honored to accept this gift on behalf of every soldier here in Korea.  Being a soldier and away from home on the holidays is hard; but these wonderful acts of love, respect and consideration make it all worthwhile.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year God bless you and your Family

SSG Marsha J.Vega

1st Signal Brigade Operations Center –SALUTE!!!



Subject: Christmas Stockings from USO - Atten: Brayden Diamond

Brayden Diamond,

 Hello, my name is SSG Losoya, Michael.  The USO just came by our barracks roughly 30 minutes ago and gave myself and many other soldiers in our barracks a beautiful Christmas stocking with all kinds of goodies in them.  I wanted to say thank you and if you can spread the words for me to everyone else, thank you for making my lonely holidays better.  This will be the 6th Christmas I spent away from my family, so the more times I spend a way from my family the harder it gets to feel the "Holiday" cheers, but young American's like yourself and the incredible USO Volunteers (on the "Cc") make me feel much better.  It is very hard for me to feel excited about Christmas when away from my family but like I tell my son and two daughters, I would not change a thing I have done, nor my 4 deployments to Iraq as long as I know that my children and young American's like yourself would not have to make the sacrifices I do right now.  If I can make your lives better and ensure that you have an incredible life in our Country, then I will continue to do what I do for you all.   The goodies in the stockings just put a huge smile on my face in fact I was about to watch a movie and your popcorn is going to make it feel more like home.  Thank you again for the outstanding gesture and the great feeling of warmth from across the waters.  Brayden feel free to shoot me an email back if ever you have any questions or just want to see how things are going, please talk to your parents and let them know first. 

 I hope you have an incredible Christmas and an outstanding New Year. 

Thank you again for the Holiday Cheers.

 SSG Losoya, Michael S.

 *Very Happy Soldier now thanks to you Brayden Diamond*


Operation Christmas Stocking


This project is being carried out by Operation Give, an “America Supports You” organization that works throughout the year to support American troops. Last year we sent more than 50 tons of stockings to our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan. This year help us send even more!


You can make your own stockings, buy stockings, create gift bags or decorate boxes. Pre-Filled Christmas Stockings and Gift Boxes can be purchased from our website. You can also find additional ideas below.




• Christmas Cards• iTunes Cards• Long socks• CD’s/DVD’s• Games, Dominos, Yo-yo,Playing Cards• Hand sanitizer• Deodorant• Shoe deodorizers• Foot powder for Athlete’s foot• Travel clock• Wet wipes• Body & Face Lotions• Body & Face soaps• Eye Drops• Sunglasses• Shampoo / Conditioner• Bug spray• Calendar• Shaving Cream• Disposable razors• Small flashlight• Sunscreen• Lip balm• Small multi-tool• Clip on Lights• AT&T Calling cards• Tiny personal fan• Pen/Mechanical pencil• SD Cards/Thumb Drives• Toothbrush & paste• Dental floss• Individual pkg. of tissue• Protein Powder mixes• Canned air / hand duster• Powdered seasonings, marinades, sauces & spices• Dry erase markers / board• Reading Books• American flags• Office supplies: tape, Large / small note pads• GPS watch, compass• Nerf footballs, Frisbee• Charcoal briquettes• Cash• Healthy Snacks• Disposable camera—include a photo of yourself with it before sending!• Non-perishable-food items—Cookies, Candies, Gum, Granola bars, beef jerky, crackers, cheesewhiz, peanut butter, powdered drinks, etc.• Send small trees with Christmas decorations• Chocolate, fudge, nuts* Healthy snacks

Also you can send toys for the troops to give out to the children, which will bring smiles to both the children and our Troop heroes. Please include your name and address or email address in the stockings!

Please don’t forget the troops who are away from their loved ones during the holidays, guarding your freedoms. Spread the word about Operation Christmas Stocking to all you know.


Deadline to arrive in Salt Lake City Warehouse is Dec 2nd!

Warehouse  address:

Operation Give

Mesa Moving & Storage

2275 S 900 W Dock 49

Salt Lake City, UT 84119