Children in Iraq love soccer so much, they’ll play the game with any kind of ball they can get their hands on, including rocks.
Holton—known as Chief Wiggles” to Iraqi children—said he hopes the Iraqi people will form a youth soccer league with the donation of cleats, soccer balls, T-shirts, water bottles and other items.


Operation Give Collects Soccer balls, clothes, and equipment. FREE shipping is provided by Operation Give to send these items to our Soldiers who can give these to the children in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have soccer clothes to start more than 40 teams of soccer in Iraq this spring. We are looking for soccer ball donations to complete the project.
Our soldiers can help teach the children, both girls and boys, how to play soccer and softball.
We recently partnered with America Supports You and Philadelphia KIXX Indoor Soccer Team. More than 1,000 Soccer Balls were donated to Operation Soccer Ball for Operation Give to ship and distribute the balls to the soldiers and children in Iraq. We also received soccer balls and equipment from U.S. Soccer Foundation Passback Program. UYSA Invited State Cup Players to Make Dreams Come True at State Cup by donating gently used soccer gear to Operation Give to send to the children of Iraq. Chief Wiggles attended the event.


The potential links between sport and peace are also powerful. From international events to the grass roots, sport brings people together in a way that can cross boundaries and break down barriers, making the playing field a simple and often apolitical site for initiating contact between antagonistic groups. Consequently, sport can be an ideal forum for resuming social dialogue and bridging divides, Highlighting the similarities between people and breaking down prejudices.


Sport is an ideal school for life. The skills learned through play, physical education and sport are fundamental to the holistic development of young people. These skills, such as cooperation and confidence are essential for social cohesion and are carried throughout adult life. Sport actively educates young people about the importance of certain key values, such as honesty, fair play, respect for self and others, and adherence to the rules and respect for their importance. It provides a forum for them to learn how to cope with competition, not only how to lose but also how to win. Sport is a way to build understanding for the value of common bonds. And traditional games, those native to an area or culture, can be especially effective in this regard.
Report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace
Operation Soccer Ball
Collect Soccer balls deflated, uniforms, equipment. Donations are needed for the Troops and the Children
Operation Baseball
Collect Baseballs, mitts, uniforms, equipment. Donations are needed for the Troops and the Children
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